Howdy, Pardner!

Wanna have some fun over the Memorial Day Saturday, May 28th? Come out to RNR Stables from Noon to 4pm.

Free Arena Rides on Real Horses

Petting Zoo

North Texas Gunslingers Quick Draw Demonstration

Student Horse Riding Demonstration

$2.00 BBQ Sandwiches & Hot Dogs

Western FUN!

We’re gonna have some riding, shooting, eating, and a great old-time.   We got us a crew guaranteed to help you have some fun. 

Bring your cameras, put on your sunscreen and head on out.  

We’re just a short piece West of I 35E  in Corinth, Texas off Swisher Drive, then North a couple a blocks on Parkridge Drive and right across the street from Lake Dallas High  School.  Horse Close Up

Heck, you might wanna sign up for  Summer Camp.

How To Git Here, its a map!.  http://mapq.st/ksL6oi


Trail riding familyFathers who only get to see their children on week-ends or for periods of time during the summer now have a fun, new alternative activity.   It is especially convenient for Dads in the Dallas, Denton, Colin, Wise or Tarrant county areas of Texas because  it’s in the middle at RNR Stables in Corinth, Texas.  Imagine how much fun your kids will have learning to ride horseback or on a trail ride or even a birthday party when they are visiting.  Learning and doing something a little unusual is enjoyed and remembered by kids especially when they have some quality time with a parent they only get to see on a part-time basis.   So, even if you are still married but travel a lot or rarely find time for your kids during the week this is an opportunity to be with them doing something they might never have done before.

The best thing about it is that you can take pictures for keepsakes and it is truly unique.  You won’t find any computers, play stations or TV’s around the stables at RNR, but you will find lots of horses.  There were about ten last time I looked.  With their own arena, trails, summer camps, riding lessons and birthday party planners you can’t help but have a good time.  And guess what, it’s outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  You might even get a little dirty while you’re laughing it up but its a lot  more fun than sitting in a theatre or walking around the Mall, or sitting at home watching Dad mow the yard.

On May 28th they’ve got an Open House to celebrate the opening of the Wild West show.  Imagine building a city in a month, well, okay it’s only a town front for a western city, the backdrop for outlaw gunfights and other mock western activities, but it’s still pretty cool.  The open house is open this Saturday, May 28th, from High Noon to 4PM, with all kinds of activities and fun thing to do.  Heck, just stop by for some BBQ or a Hot Dog and check it out.

Good times are guaranteed when you are simply enjoying being with your kids.

Horse Close UpThere is something special when a Birthday Party includes a Pony or a Horse.  It becomes unique, out-of-the-ordinary fun.  Many children might even be getting on or around a horse for the first time.  It is a memorable experience and a great photo opportunity to catch the smiling faces of Birthday Boy or Girl and their friends sitting on a horse.  This is even more fun if the child has a real interest in horses and learning to ride.  What could be better than being able to ride at a Birthday Party and receive a few lessons as a gift so the thrill does not end when the day is over.  Riding lessons are a gift that keeps on giving in teaching respect for animals, responsibility for the horse and rider, mastery of new skills and a sense of accomplishment.  Learning to ride horses is character-building no matter how you look at it and to think it could all start with a simply birthday party.   Priceless.

We host birthday parties and work with parents or others who wish to provide their child and his friends with a unique, fun experience.  Imagine the thrill of being around a horse in a safe environment at an event designed to be a memorable good time.

We provide riding lessons to youth of all ages including our Summer Camps for both Weekdays and Weekends, as well as private lessons.

We can also help parents in horse selection and provide complete boarding, breaking and training services for young horses.


VIDEO:  Get a look at a moment from one of our Summer Camps last year.  We have camps scheduled for both weekdays and weekends.


CowboyFew people realize that Denton County, established in 1857  was once the frontier of Texas, home to frequent indian raids until 1874.  There were many farmers as well as ranchers and cowboys.   Through most of the mid 1800’s it was home to a variety of cattlemen which attracted cattle rustlers, horse traders which attracted horse thieves and indian fights.   Jesse Chisholm, one of the most well-known great cattleman of the 1800’s had a ranch in Denton County.   Great trails from Texas through Indian Territory (Oklahoma) to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North and South Dakota developed in order to drive cattle to meat packers and  railheads where they could be shipped to major metropolitan centers primarily  in the North and East.  The Chisholm Trail, Goodnight-Loving Trail and Shawnee Trail are some of the major routes and many are considered important national historic landmarks.   Many of these cattle drives passed through or near “Indian Territory” which was the official name for Oklahoma until it became a state 1907.   Comanche and Kiowa Indians frequently crossed the border from Oklahoma into Texas to raid farms and steal livestock and some attached cattle drives as they moved north.  

For nine years Texas struggled as a Republic, only to join the Union in 1845.   Denton county was created out of Fannin County in 1846 about a year after Texas became a state.  In 1861 Texas seceded from the Union to join the Confederate States but in 1861 Oklahoma  to the north was still known as the Indian Territory.  Many battles between the North and South, involving “Yankees” from Kansas and Nebraska fought the “Rebels” from Arkansas and Texas in Indian Territory while most of the major battle in Texas were fought along the southern borders near Louisiana and Mexico. 

Corinth, Texas remained a small farming community only six miles south of Denton, Texas until the 1970’s and celebrates its 131st Birthday in 2011.  RNR Stables in order to help preserve and share this heritage with others is building a symbolic, mock old western town storefront.  When complete around the end of May 2011 RNR Stables will host “Wild West Showdown or Shoot-outs” as well as other related activities.  It will be a great opportunity for people in this area to enjoy a new entertainment option that will be fun for the whole family as well as give children an appreciation for our history.  Tourists coming to Texas may also be interested in an enjoyable stop to visit us helping grow Corinth and bring in additional revenues to the city.   Here’s what we think it will look like:

     Just imagine, school is out but instead of sitting around the house watching TV, walking around the Mall or hanging out at the swimming pool, your parents have signed you up for Summer Camp on Horseback.  You have a chance to learn to ride horses, how to care for them and will be having loads of fun while creating unique memories.  

     There is something special for a child when they are able to form a relationship and level of comfort with a horse.  After all, a horse is a large animal and many children have never been around them except for an occasional pony ride at a Fair or similar event.  Being able to mount one of these amazing creatures, one we believe is as much a gift from God as the child who rides them, is a special moment they will long remember.  We see children get out of their comfort zones and while they are learning about horses and how to ride  they are learning something about themselves too.  They learn to conquer their fears, they learn how practice, persistence and determination can achieve goals.  They will discover not only that they are comfortable on horseback, but they are becoming an accomplished equestrian with skills of how to control and direct the movement of the horse.   It is a fascinating thing to watch and even more thrilling to experience.  

     Even children who have never been on horseback or are initially afraid of these tall, majestic animals quickly learn to overcome their own fears and form a bond with a favorite horse.  They do this in a safe atmosphere, an encouraging environment with other kids who experiencing many of the same feelings and are growing in the same ways.    It is much more fun than playing on the computer or lying around the house.  It’s a real, special experience they will cherish and remember for a lifetime.  Check it out for your child or favorite children.

Our Weekly Summer camps begin May 30, 2011 through September 01, 2011.    The camp days are Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day.  Campers participate in a variety of activities designed to increase their equine knowledge and skills while interacting with other kids in the camp.   We encourage all participants to work with others in a variety of tasks and lessons while building new relationships in many fun and unique experiences.   Summer Camp participants are limited to children who are at least 8 years old and no older than 17 years of age.    For younger children and adults we also provide a variety of riding and learning options.  Give us a call to talk about your interests.

Topics included in our Summer Camps include:

  • Care & Grooming
  • Safety & Handling
  • Sizes of Horses
  • Parts of Horses
  • Breeds, Strengths and Uses
  • Colors
  • Riding skills and etiquette
  • Various equipment used with horses
  • Gaites and control
  • Barn Care
  • Different activities for horse enthusiasts
  • Local events, clubs, horse shows and rodeo’s.

     To learn more about our Summer Camps or to sign-up  visit us online at RNRStables.com.